3rd-6543 Letter to Evan Cover Final.inddHow often do we write letters to loved ones today? When is the last time you wrote a letter to a friend, family member or loved one? If you’re like me, you pick up a card at your local Hallmark store for someone’s birthday, wedding anniversary, graduation, and the host of annual holidays to express your feelings. You search among the thousands of cards on the racks and shelves to find that perfect card that says what you wish you could say but can’t seem to find the words.

Until I wrote my letter to Evan, almost all of my letters were for business. The occasional card with a few heartfelt-penned words finished with a signature was the only written expression most people received from me, including my son. That’s the standard today.

The sporadic journaling I once practiced in the early morning or late evening hours following a devotional reading were my own personal diary, but those words were meant for me alone. They were my thoughts and feelings. Such has its place for our personal, spiritual and emotional journey. But such words are seldom shared with others.

When divorce, the death of my father, a challenging economy eroding the business I spent 15 years building, combined with my teenage son’s own personal challenge, all within weeks of each other, stress and confusion collided to create a perfect storm.

As the storm raged, I was physically separated from my son. Emotionally, thoughts of him were ever present. Evan and I were both experiencing very painful challenges. His mom and I were separated and divorcing, he sustained a shoulder injury that could end his dreams of a career in baseball and I lost my dad to a battle with Alzheimer’s. We were hurt and needed healing. Writing the letter was a part of my healing, and I hoped it might be a part of his.

A Letter to Evan is a book for all fathers and sons. It’s a book for any parent and child. It is my love for my son. I hope it helps you find a way to express your love to your son, or daughter. I couldn’t find the right words of love, comfort, and wisdom in conversations, phone calls and texts. Instead I wrote a letter – A Letter to Evan.


  1. Robert Sanderson says:

    I believe you and Joan raised a wonderful son. I know things don’t always work the way we plan but god has a plan for all of us. Once we all except his will only then will we be truly happy. God bless you and your family.


    • roywpage says:

      Thank you, Robert. Wonderful words of encouragement. Blessings to you and your family as your son takes the next step. You and Darcy have done well also.

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